9 Feb 2015

Great new tab alternatives for Google chrome

Over these years we have been seeing the same old window when we press the new tab in Google chrome. Its getting used and we need  something efficient and worthy to put up there. So in this post i m  gonna show you some alternative things you can use instead of the old school new tab window like this one:



This is my personal favorite. I have been using this for a few weeks and it super awesome. muzli is the breakfast for designers, it picks the latest design goodies and articles from top design websites and blogs and showcases them whenever we open the browser or the new tab.Its a great refreshment and helps you stay updated in the world of design or tech without being diverted. One thing i love about muzli is its clean interface it does not distract us with any spam or sponsored content.


 The concept of this extension is to stop you from keeping ahead tasks. it fills up the new tab with simple page that shows you your current age.So it will act as a reminder of an unavoidable truth! your age.It shows you live incrementation of your age, help us understand that life is very short and we have to move on! I was using this extension  and helped me to control my mind form being distracted. Whenever i opened a new tab to just to simply check out social feeds or mail i would see this screen and got back!


 One feed brings updates from all your social networks into one place. You will get all the latest updates from facebook,twitter,instagram and gmail as soon as you open the new tab in your browser.
You can sort and arrange the links the way you want ,Its very lightweight and it will help you to quickly know what happened around you while you are at a busy schedule.One feed also has a notification center which notifies you about a new update or mail.


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