1 Jul 2014

Connecting to remote MySQL database from windows: A beginners guide

If you are having a cloud server or may be shared hosting you might have used databases like MySQL  to store data in most cases if you are having a shared hosting you might get a control panel such as phpmyadmin for managing the databases .

 But if you are having a cloud hosting or if you feel the admin tool is feature lacking then the best way to connect to a database is by using a remote database admin tool.

Of course ,you can use the command line but that's not beginner friendly! this article is those want a GUI environment to manage their database remotely.


database admin tool

There are so many tools available for database administrator like sequel pro,navicat,mysql workbech,sql squirrel etc. But im gonna use MySQL workbench here . You can download whatever tool you like, the connection procedures are almost similar.


You can download workbench from the MySQL website

Install the setup file that's all 

connecting to a database

open the MySQL workbench application.You might see a welcome screen like this :

MySQL workbench home

click on the Database menu from the menu bar and select connect to a database option .
You will see a popup window, enter you MySQL connection details there. 

contact the hosting provider if you don't know your ssh details. In most cases it is available on the control panel of your hosting.Click OK and wait for some to let the connection happen. 

form to enter mysql connection details

Once it is connected you will get a screen like this:

dba admin main

You can use this menu to create tables and databases.

menu bar

The side bar on the right can be used to manage the database, tables ,records and the server.

dba admin sidebar

That's all you don't have to use any bit of commands to connect! its easy and beginner friendly! If you have any other great tool like this do mention it in the comments!.Don't forget to subscribe on Facebook and twitter to get all the updates

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  1. i am getting a connection error ! what is the problem ? the application is stuck and at times it gives an error that the server is not responding